Gelato Drops

Your bite sized treat! Mixed flavours of gelato balls dipped in chocolate.


Naturally refreshing lemon sorbet made with freshly squeezed lemon juice in its natural shell.

Menta Neve

White mint gelato with chocolate ripples compliments our famous Caromio gelato, dipped in chocolate and rolled in shredded coconut.

Mini Cones

For the child in you! Mixed flavours of gelato mini cones dipped in chocolate

Mocha Mulino

A wedge of coffee and chocolate gelato encased in a hard chocolate.


The taste says everything! Passionfruit gelato dipped in chocolate.


Rockmelon gelato made with fresh rockmelon in its natural shell.


A traditional dessert made with hazelnut, cassata and chocolate gelato.


A chocolate and almond lover’s delight.


Rich flavoured tiramisu gelato, with a layer of coffee liqueur soaked sponge dusted with cocoa.

Torroncino Gioa

Crunchy nougat and chocolate gelato coated in chocolate and flakes of roasted almonds.

Gelato Containers

Containers also available in 1L, 2L and 5L, prepacked or filled with flavours of your choice. For 1-2L choose up to 4 flavours; for 5L up to 2 flavours.


Chocolate and hazelnut gelato dipped in chocolate with a hazelnut on top, just like the chocolate.


Banana gelato on a stick, dipped in chocolate.


Red liqueur sponge surrounded by vanilla, cassata and chocolate gelato.

Cuore Berto

A vanilla gelato filled white chocolate heart encasing a raspberry coulis centre.

240mL Cups

Made to order. Transparent gelato cups filled with flavour of your choice. Easy to serve.

Gelato Filled Cannoli

Made to order. Cannoli lined with chocolate, filled with the gelato of your choice.